Tianyin Wang ASGFA is an artist working primarily in charcoal drawing.

Born in 1986, he is currently based in London, UK.

He received his BA (Illustration) from Arts University Bournemouth in 2009, receiving a New Blood Award from D&AD the same year. 

Between 2009-2015 he worked as a digital-based editorial illustrator with prestigious clients including Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury Publishing and STYLIST magazine.

From 2015, Tianyin started to develop his unique charcoal drawing technique using a combination of different charcoals to achieve a distinctive look.

This unique style is best described as “motion impressionism”.



Turn off the colour, grayscale has its own philosophy.

We live in an over-complicated with visual information bombarding us every day. Our eyes are busier than ever.

To relieve this constant assault of our senses, I present my original art in black and white - with all the shades of grey in between. Keeping it pure and simple is my way of life.

My original drawing style captures the unique character of my subjects. Inspired by nature, I specialise in charcoal drawing with animals and birds as my preferred subjects depicting the details and movement that make up their spirit.

Light, dark, loose, tight, still, in motion – these are the key elements I incorporate in my artwork.